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1. Arrival Deadlines

The following dates have been selected to allow you to prepare for meeting arriving dead-line of your exhibition goods.

  • Shipping documents for sea freight → 3 Days prior to vessel’s arrival
  • Shipping documents for air freight → Prior to flight’s arrival
  • Sea freight consignment at Busan seaport → 7 Days prior to move-in target
  • Air freight consignment at Incheon airport → 4 Days prior to move-in target

2. Consignee Instructions

The terms of freight should be “FREI GHT PREPAID” and consigned as follows for all exhibits.


3. Bond status

  • Exhibition halls are normally covered a trade fair bond by the organizer and it affects the ATA CARNET is not mandatory documentation in this case however the ATA CARNET will be necessary for those of exhibitions which are not willing to be a trade fair bond.
    As the trade fair bond is expired by the end of the exhibition, all shipments under the trade fair bond must be out of exhibition hall within a period of move-out which the organizer indicates so all shipments must be discussed its return destination and its method of return as early as possible otherwise all shipments under the trade fair bond must be delivered to a certain bond warehouse right away.
    Shipments under ATA CARNET are not affected by the trade fair bond and it can stay longer than the expiration of the trade fair bond up to maximum 12 months. Either the shipments under ATA CARNET are not affected by where.

4. Documentation

  • - Sea freight Bill of Lading 1 original + 3 copies
  • - Airway Bill (AWB)
  • - Commercial Invoice & packing list 1 original + 3 copies
  • All original documents should be couriered through express service such as TNT, DHL, Fedex etc. no later than 3 days prior to vessel arrival.
  • Surrendered / Express / Telex released / Sea way Bill are also available and are more preferable for efficient proceeding.
  • A telex / tele-fax of PRE-ADVICE must be sent in advance and indicate the B/L number, vessel name / voyage, number of packing, weight, dimension and name of exhibitor and booth number.
  • Full details of the shipment including a copy of AWB along with Commercial Invoice / Packing List indicating the AWB number, flight number, carrier’s name, number of packing, weight (Gross / Chargeable), dimension, name of exhibitor and booth number must be sent via FAX or EMAIL.
  • A detailed description of the goods in English including the name by which each item is known and the documents must have full details such as description of commodity, quantity and unit price in US dollar.
  • International Harmonized Code (HS CODE available)
  • Include serial and/or model number where applicable
  • For manufactured products, please specify the component materials (i.e. wood, plastic, etc.)
  • List the weight, dimensions and contents of each package
  • Please indicate the country of origin of all goods within your consignment
  • Please note that, for customs purposes, a value must be declared for each item regardless of the actual commercial value. This includes literature, giveaways and alike. Do NOT indicate the phrase “No Commercial Value”.

Cannot make customs entry on shipments where invoices indicate general descriptions such as “Exhibit Materials”, or “Give-Aways”. Nor can we make entry on invoices that indicate lump sum values only. In these instances entry will be delayed until detailed invoices are obtained from the shipper. Please follow the instructions above to avoid delays and additional expenses.

5. Packing Cases & Case Marking

We recommend the use of durable crates with screw-down lids to prevent loss of damages. It is imperative that materials are crated or palletized to enable the multiple handling, stacking and handling via forklift or pallet truck. All items should be packed separately according to following categories.

Category A : Temporary Import
Category B : Items accompanied with ATA CARNET
Category C : Permanent Import

It is recommended that Commercial Invoice/Packing list should be drawn up separately for temporary items and consumable items. We bly recommend that exhibitor’s make use of our Combined Commercial Invoice & Packing List for this purpose a copy of which is enclosed herewith.

All cases should be clearly marked as follows :
Exhibitor’s Name / Stand No.
Show Name, Location, Date
GW………..KGS / DIMS………..CMS
Category A / B / C “Exhibition goods for -----------”

6. Duty Free Goods (Upon Bond Status)

Consumable goods such as leaflet, brochure, literature (100% Duty Free), giveaways and other promotional items valued under USD5.00 per unit are duty free. However such items must be reasonable in quantities and in price by customs authority otherwise it shall be dutiable.
Decision of “Duty free or Dutiable” will be advised at the time of customs inspection at show site regardless of the above mentioned provisions.
In accordance with Korean Customs regulation, all items under temporary entry are exclusively under control of the Customs Authority. So exhibitors cannot distribute or consume any goods without any permission of Customs Authority.

7. Courier Shipments

Please note that the Convention Centre and the organizers will not accept or take responsibility for any international courier shipments consigned to your-self at the venue or the organizers. Courier shipments must be shipped as noted under ‘Consignee Address Direct to Korea’

8. Insurance

All exhibitors should arrange a comprehensive cover for their exhibit’s which covers shipment to the exhibition, the period of display and which allows either return to the country of origin or an appropriate disposal period a the conclusion of the exhibition. Please note the carrier does not insure the goods during transit from origin up to delivered stand and return.

9. Selling of goods

If any of the goods are sold in Korea, to file a consumption entry (Duty paid), a copy of new invoice should be provided. (In case, purchase price is changed). Also pacific buyer details must be provided before the show closes.

10. In Closing

We wish you a successful show and we are happy to assist you in any way possible. If you have questions that are not answered here, special arrangements with which you need assistance, or if you require further information, please contact us at your convenience.